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Career Counselling

What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is a guided process of clarifying, planning and communicating your abilities in a targeted and confident way.
You may be feeling unhappy in your work, looking for a new direction, job searching or just wanting to be prepared.  Particularly in these times of uncertainty and job losses it is essential that you stand out amongst the crowd. This requires clear understanding and communication of your abilities.

There are 4 stages in Career Counselling:

1. Understanding
What do you want to do?
This is an essential question which people do not give enough consideration to but helps you to answer interview questions such as :
“Why do you want this job?  Why should I employ you as opposed to others?”

2. Clarity of communication
What are your skills?
How can they be used in different ways?
How will you explain what you can do and how will you convince them?

Once you have clarity of your skills and have the proof to support them, you are able to clarify the options available to you and formulate a plan of action.

This will result in your ability to write a CV and complete application forms.

3. Practice
“Practice makes perfect” is indeed true.
Practice enables you to gain confidence and self-belief which helps you to be able answer difficult interview questions.

4. Action
Putting your plan into action and following up. Perseverance is important.

These stages result in a targeted and successful campaign. You will have the ability to write a relevant CV, complete application forms, know how to utilise different methods of finding jobs and to be able to present yourself confidently.

Why should you work with me?
Over 35 years experience of working with people at all levels across all industry sectors in a variety of situations including career change, redundancy, mergers and takeovers. In addition, I have worked with international and national organisations to bring about organisational and culture change.

How do I work?

At this time, all sessions are carried out remotely online, in line with Covid 19 guidelines.

The full course is 7 sessions which includes a mandatory initial diagnostic session and a final feedback session.  There will be work to be completed between sessions. I do not write your CV, it is your personalised marketing document. The sessions are normally weekly and last 1 hour.

Cost of 7 sessions =£220

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